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Julian Lennon says he was welcome to take part in the recent tribute concert honoring The Beatles.  But the late John Lennon's oldest son tells "Brooklyn Vegan" he had little interest in the event.  He says "the last thing" he wanted to do was "stand in the audience with everybody else, clapping," and "being filmed in front of millions while watching a Beatles karaoke session." 

Julian admits "some of the biggest acts in the world were there," but to him there's no substitute for the real thing.  Even the reteaming of surviving band members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr didn't appeal to him, because without John and George Harrison "there can never be" a true Beatles reunion.  Julian's half-brother Sean attended the event, while Harrison's son Dhani performed. 

Julian says instead of "the glitz and the glam of those kind of shows," he "preferred to be in a state of reflection and appreciation and doing something much more subtle and much more heartfelt" to commemorate such a significant milestone in his father's life.  And he's done so with a new photography display.  

After agreeing to the project he was "bombarded with hundreds of Beatles pictures" he'd never seen before, and it was "very, very difficult" to "decide which ones would be the most appropriate for this occasion."  But Lennon, who's made a name for himself as both a musician and a photographer, found a way to pare down the collection.  He says he approached it "as a an artist, and as a photographer," and looked for images that showed "exactly what they were going through" when the picture was taken. 

Julian's exhibit, "The Beatles 1964," will be on display at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York and Los Angeles through the end of the month. 

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