Suspect In Tennessee Grocery Store Shooting Was Asked To Leave His Job

Multiple People Injured During Shooting At Kroger Grocery Store

Photo: Getty Images

Law enforcement officials are providing more information about the 29-year-old suspect accused of shooting 15 people at a Kroger in Tennessee last week. One person was killed and four others remain hospitalized in stable condition.

Authorities identified the gunman as Uk Thang and said he worked at the store as a third-party vendor. He was asked to leave his job the morning of the shooting. It is unclear why he was asked to leave his job.

"The shooter moved into the Town of Collierville in the summer of 2020," police said in the statement. "He was a third-party vendor working inside Kroger and was asked to leave his job the morning of Thursday, September 23, 2021."

Collierville Police Chief Del Lane said that while it is possible that incident sparked the shooting, investigators may never know Thang's true motives.

“I don’t know we’ll ever know that, you know, know the man’s heart, but we’ll know circumstances,” said Lane. “We have a pretty good picture. We know circumstances that led up to this, that you could take and say, well, maybe this is why. But to actually know what his absolute motive was, I don’t know that we’ll ever know.”

Thang died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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