1 Dead, 22 Hospitalized In Mysterious New Outbreak

Listeria monocytogenes, illustration

Photo: Getty Images

One person has died and 22 others have been hospitalized in relation to a new listeria outbreak in which the source has not yet been identified, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC reports the outbreak has included 23 total illnesses in 10 states, but the majority of the cases are people who live in or traveled to Florida about a month prior to being sick.

"A specific food item has not yet been identified as the source of this outbreak," the CDC wrote on its website. "Most of the sick people in this outbreak live in or traveled to Florida about a month before they got sick. Listeria symptoms usually start within 2 weeks after eating food contaminated with Listeria.

"If you are at higher risk for Listeria infection and have symptoms, especially if you recently traveled to Florida, talk to your healthcare provider."

Symptoms for listeria typically begin within two weeks after the person consumes food contaminated with the bacteria and include fever, muscle aches, headaches and loss of balance.

Though a specific food has not been identified to spread the deadly bacteria in the recent outbreak, it is typically linked to soft cheese, raw sprouts, melons, lunch meats, pâtés, hot dogs, smoked fish and unpasteurized milk, NBC News reports.

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