The Rudest City In Georgia

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When it comes to the rudest cities in America, everyone has their bad days, even people living in a state known for its Southern hospitality. Sometimes life gets to be too much and your anger and annoyance slips out and affects your interactions with others. compiled a list of the rudest cities in the country, finding the top spot in each state with the snarkiest and aggravated residents where "grumps flock to."

Maybe it's the frustrating rush hour traffic that seems to go on and one or people are coming off a long day at work and just want to get home, but Atlanta was named the rudest city in all of Georgia. In another report, ATL also ranked among the rudest cities in the country, coming in at No. 12 out of 50.

Here's what the site had to say:

"When Travel + Leisure announced that Atlanta was one [of] the nation's rudest cities, people flocked to online forums to discuss it. In an ironic turn of events, many Atlanteans strongly defended that their city was not rude in an extremely rude way, often calling people rude when they dared to ask a question about Atlanta's rudeness."

Check out the full list at to read up on the rudest cities in the country.

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