Man Divorces Wife For Sharing Photos of Food

  A guy in Jordan just DIVORCED his wife for taking photos of her food to share on Snapchat.  Apparently he was hungry, but she wouldn't let him eat until after she took the pictures . . . so he ended their marriage.



 I get annoyed sometimes when people take photos of their food at dinner . . . but this seems like just a LITTLE bit of an overreaction.



A guy in Amman, Jordan just DIVORCED his wife for sharing food pictures on Snapchat.



They were at a restaurant and after a long wait, they finally got their food.  He was hungry and wanted to dig in . . . but she told him to wait until she was done taking pictures.



And he got so upset that he DIVORCED her on the spot.  Since Jordan uses Islamic law, all that means is that he said the word "talaq," which means divorce, three times.



Then he left the restaurant without paying the bill. 



(Khaleej Times)

Originally posted on May 10th, 2017



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