Top Ten Things We Daydream About

The Top Ten Things We Daydream About

 FULL STORY:  The average person spends about 22 minutes a day daydreaming, according to a new survey.  And apparently, the rest of you are managing to focus on a lot of stuff in your daydreams that ISN'T weird and sexual.  How?  Please share.



Here are the 10 most common things people daydream about . . .



1.  Winning the lottery or suddenly being rich.


2.  Going on vacation.


3.  Being somewhere exotic.


4.  Sex.


5.  Being on a beach.


6.  Doing something adventurous.


7.  Actually speaking your mind.


8.  Meeting "the one."


9.  Quitting your job.


10.  Errands you need to do. 



(New York Post)

Originally posted on July 6th, 2017

Cancun Lagoon Xcaret Vacation Mexico Tropical

MUSHA CAY, BAHAMAS - FEBRUARY 2007:    The private island of David Copperfield as show from the air in February 2007 in Musha Cay, Bahamas. Copperfield, who bought the string of four islands in the Exumas for 50 million USD in July of 2006, claims to have

Swallow Point at Sand Island, Apostle Islands.  Mammatus Clouds in the Sky.

Resignation letter being placed on the desk of the boss



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