Ohio Man Signs of Recovery- Hatred for Michigan!!

 A guy in Ohio who suffered a major brain injury in a car accident back in April just gave the first sign that he might be able to make a miraculous recovery . . . all thanks to the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.  When the doctors asked him if he liked Michigan, he pressed a button for "no."



  HERE'S just how deep the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is ingrained in some fans' brains.



A 38-year-old guy named Zach Lawrence from Dublin, Ohio was in Europe in April and he got in a terrible car accident.  He wound up with a major brain injury and he was flown back to the U.S. . . . where doctors gave him almost no chance of recovering.



He's been getting treatment at a medical center at Ohio State University ever since.



And the doctors wanted to test to see if he'd made any progress last week, so they gave him two buttons:  One for yes, and one for no.  And when they asked him, "Do you like Michigan?" . . . he emphatically pressed the "no" button.  Twice.



It's the biggest sign of a recovery that he's shown, and his wife says it's so true to him that, quote, "we're pretty sure he's in there."



Obviously he still has a long way to go, but it's giving his family hope that maybe, eventually, he'll make a potentially miraculous recovery. 



(Columbus Dispatch)

Originally posted on July 18th, 2017



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