Guys Get Money From Police Station for Cocaine

HIGHLIGHTS:  Two guys in Connecticut asked an off-duty cop if they could buy cocaine from him on Sunday . . . and he told them to get cash out of an ATM in the lobby of the police station.  They actually did it . . . and were promptly arrested.



FULL STORY:  I can't even FATHOM what would lead to someone doing something this blatantly dumb.



Two 21-year-old guys named Noah Yankowski and Zachary Pillarella from Cromwell, Connecticut were trying to score some cocaine around 2:15 A.M. on Sunday, and apparently they thought the best place was right outside of a police station.



So when they asked a dude if he had any coke, of COURSE it turned out that he was an off-duty cop.



But that wasn't even their dumbest move.  No . . . that happened when the cop told them he could sell them some for $60, and if they needed cash, there was an ATM across the street in the front lobby of the police station.



So Noah and Zachary went into the police station, took out the money . . . and were promptly arrested for attempted possession and conspiracy to possess narcotics. 



(Hartford Courant)

Originally posted on July 26th, 2017



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