Women Really Do Overthink Things More Than Men

 Women really DO overthink things more than men, according to a new study.  Researchers found that women's brain scans show a LOT more activity than men's . . . especially in the parts that deal with focus and anxiety.



 There's an old stereotype that women OVERTHINK things more than men . . . like agonizing over 15 almost identical shades of yellow paint for a room, or consulting with dozens of people over what an emoji meant in a text they just got.



And we're here to tell you that stereotype is . . . totally true.



A new study looked at 45,000 brain scans and found that women's brains are SIGNIFICANTLY more active than men's.  In other words, women are using a lot more mental energy than men.



And the two areas where women's brains are WAY more active than men are the part that regulates focus and impulse control . . . and the part that's associated with mood and anxiety.



In other words:  When women are faced with a problem, their brains kick into overdrive to focus on it, deeply analyze it, and worry about it.  Men's brains are much less likely to do any of that. 



(Daily Mail)

Originally posted on August 9th, 2017



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