Judge Judy Let a Dog Loose in Courtroom to Choose Real Owner

        This isn't original. Cases like this used to be settled a similar fashion YEARS ago. But it is heartwarming.   

JUDGE JUDY settled a dispute over a dog by having the DOG choose its owner.  A man and a woman were fighting over the dog, so she set it loose in the courtroom.  It immediately went to the guy, so she gave him the dog.



 JUDGE JUDY came up with a pretty fascinating experiment on a recent episode of her show.



The case involved two people who were both claiming to be the rightful owner of a dog named 'Baby Boy.'



The woman who had Baby Boy insisted that she LEGALLY bought the dog off someone on the street.  Then there was also a guy who claimed that he was Baby Boy's owner before that, and that someone had stolen him.



So, Judge Judy let Baby Boy decide who his true owner was. 



She let him loose in the courtroom . . . and right away, he ran over to the original owner's feet, jumped on his leg, and wagged his tail.  She gave him the dog.



(Here's video.)


Originally posted on August 16th, 2017



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