Hank Aaron Says Colin Kaepernick Is "Getting a Raw Deal"

HIGHLIGHTS:  33 other free agent quarterbacks have signed since COLIN KAEPERNICK became a free agent.  Baseball legend HANK AARON says Colin is "getting a raw deal" from NFL owners, and deserves an opportunity.  Meanwhile, KID ROCK took a shot a Colin during a concert in Iowa.



FULL STORY:  Baseball home run legend HANK AARON thinks COLIN KAEPERNICK is "getting a raw deal" from the NFL, and he should get a, quote, "chance to do his thing."



Colin is still a free agent . . . and he's being blackballed by NFL owners for the National Anthem protest he did last year.



Hank says, quote, "[He's] gone to all these camps, and nobody seems to think he stands a chance to [play].  [He's] a young player that almost carried a team to a Super Bowl [victory].  Somebody needs to give this man a chance."



Since Colin became a free agent on March 3rd, NFL teams have signed 33 free agent quarterbacks . . . not including their own players or draft picks.



They include including career journeymen like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mark Sanchez, quarterbacks who are close to retirement like Matt Schaub . . . and then there's Jay Cutler, who was actually brought BACK from retirement.  Other quarterbacks that have found jobs include players who haven't played in years like Thad Lewis, and undrafted free agents.



Colin is better than most if not ALL of them, but of course none of them kneeled during the National Anthem, and that upset a lot of people.



KID ROCK is apparently one of them.  He performed at the Iowa State Fair on Sunday, and in the middle of "Born Free", he stopped and said, quote, "Football is about ready to start.  You know what?  [Eff] Colin Kaepernick."



The NAACP is trying to get a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . . . claiming that Colin is being discriminated against for his exercise of free speech, which is a violation of his rights under the Constitution.



Meanwhile, Colin is continuing his promise to donate $1 million to "charity organizations working in oppressed communities" over the course of the year.  He's been tracking his donations on Instagram and on his site



At this point, he's given $800,000 with two months to go.



(On one hand, there's some concern about Kaepernick's desire to continue playing football, and his activism can be seen as a distraction, both with fans and in the locker room.  And no one HAS to hire him.)



(But it's a peaceful, meaningful protest.  You do not have to agree with it . . . but if football players kneeling fires America up more than white supremacists with torches, something is seriously wrong.)

Originally posted on August 24th, 2017



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