Marriage Advice From Ozzy? "Don't Get Caught with Your Mistress"

  "Rolling Stone" asked OZZY OSBOURNE what the key to a long marriage is, and he said, quote, "Don't get caught with your mistress."  But he added that his recent cheating scandal made him realize, quote, "what [an effing] idiot I've been."



  OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE have been together 35 years, and "Rolling Stone" asked Ozzy for his secret.  He said, quote, "Don't get caught with your mistress."



Obviously, he was joking, because she DID catch him with SEVERAL mistresses . . . and she almost packed his bags for him.



And so, on a more serious note, he said, quote, "I suppose it's fair to say we love each other. I love her, and she loves me.  She was brought up in a music industry, so she's not like a schoolteacher who married a rock star . . .



"There's no other woman I really want to spend the rest of my life with.  You make a mistake and you learn by it.  She's made a few mistakes, and so have I."



He added, quote, "I'm not proud of all that [crap].  I upset my wife and I upset my family and I made a lot of shock and shame.  I love my wife, and it made me realize what [an effing] idiot I've been."

Originally posted on September 15th, 2017



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