A Woman Gets a Surprise Amazon Package . . . Turns Out Her Parrot Ordered I

  A woman in London recently got a random package of gift boxes from Amazon, and couldn't figure out why . . . until she realized her PARROT had accidentally ordered them.  He'd imitated her saying "Alexa" . . . her Amazon Echo heard it . . . and somehow, what he said next turned into an order for gift boxes.



 A 39-year-old woman named Corienne Pretorius from London recently got a random package from Amazon:  A $13 pack of gift boxes.  She hadn't ordered it and had no idea how it wound up at her house.



But after she investigated, she finally figured it out:  Her PARROT did it.  Corienne has an Amazon Echo at home, and her parrot mimicked her saying, "Alexa" and then giving a command.



And whatever he said somehow wound up making Alexa think he was trying to order a package of gift boxes.



Amazon says that anything you order with Alexa has free returns . . . so Corienne isn't stuck with the boxes. 






(Here's a photo of her, the parrot, and the Amazon Echo.)




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Originally posted on September 22nd, 2017



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