Another Reason to Hate: Pats Charge Fans $4.50 for Tap Water

 The New England Patriots are apologizing for selling fans cups of TAP WATER for $4.50 at concession stands on Sunday, after they ran out of bottled water.  They say they'll make sure it doesn't happen again.



 The New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans on Sunday, after TOM BRADY got hot in the second quarter.  The fans also got hot.  Temperatures were in the '80s in New England, and so people were ordering bottled water like crazy at the concession stands.



During the second quarter, Gillette Stadium ran out of bottles, so vendors started giving out soda cups with TAP water . . . for the low price of $4.50 each.  (???)



Naturally, people did NOT like that, and they complained on social media.  One person even claimed he spent $45 on tap water.



Yesterday, a Patriots spokesperson said, quote, "We apologize.  That should not have happened . . . we're looking into [it] to ensure that it doesn't happen again."



Ironically, Brady warns people NOT to drink tap water in his new book.  He says, quote, "Drink tap water ONLY if you filter it first, which gets rid of many impurities.  Even when you use tap water for steaming vegetables, it's better to filter it first."



(Something tells me the vendors were not filtering their $4.50 tap water.)



(Not that it's any excuse, but this might have happened because some stadiums use 'cup inventory' to make sure everyone is being charged for sodas and beer . . . and to deter employee theft.)



(People online say that the vendors have it drilled in their heads that no cup leaves without being paid for . . . so maybe when they were giving out water, they just instinctively charged the same as a fountain drink?)

Originally posted on September 26th, 2017



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