Ten Best Cities for People Who Love Coffee

 According to a new study, the best cities to live in if you love coffee are Seattle . . . Portland, Oregon . . . San Francisco . . . New York . . . and L.A.



  A new study ranked the ten best cities to live in if you're a big COFFEE drinker.  It looked at things like how many coffee shops there are . . . how much an average cup costs . . . and how passionate people are about their coffee.



Not surprisingly, the home of Starbucks took the top spot.  Here's the top ten . . .



1.  Seattle.  Mostly because there are a ton of coffee shops, and a lot of choices.


2.  Portland, Oregon.


3.  San Francisco.


4.  New York.


5.  Los Angeles.


6.  San Diego.


7.  Chicago.


8.  Denver.


9.  Boston.


10.  Washington, D.C.



The New York area has the highest percentage of coffee drinkers.  And New York and Chicago tied for the most donut shops per capita.  But the cheapest city if you brew your OWN coffee is Miami. 



(Wallet Hub)



(See the rankings for all 100 cities here.)

Originally posted on September 27th, 2017



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