1 in 3 Smartphone Notifications Make Your Mood Worse

It's time to limit our notifications. 

We're like Pavlov's dogs every time our phones buzz or beep.  We grab them IMMEDIATELY to see why they notified us.  Could it be a text?  An email?  A Snap?  We can't WAIT to find out.  And then . . . we're bummed. 



According to a new study by Nottingham Trent University in England, one out of THREE notifications we get on our smartphones put us in a WORSE mood.



And the notifications that are most likely to bum us out are phone or app software updates . . . WiFi issues . . . and work emails or messages.  Group texts from friends are the most likely to put us in a better mood. 



(The Telegraph)

Originally posted on October 4th, 2017



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