HIGHLIGHTS: TMZ claims O.J. SIMPSON was thrown out of the Cosmopolitan Hot

 TMZ claims O.J. SIMPSON was thrown out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas for getting drunk, belligerent, and breaking glasses.  O.J.'s lawyer admits he was banned from the hotel, but insists he did nothing wrong.



  O.J. SIMPSON should probably just lay low . . . not attract attention to himself . . . and enjoy the fact that he's FREE.  In other words, just act like a normal 70-year-old man.



But of course, O.J. isn't a normal senior citizen.  And he still doesn't have the acumen to just NOT do stupid things . . . allegedly.



TMZ claims O.J. was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Wednesday night, after he got wasted . . . and a little too rowdy.



They say he's been hitting up the bars at that hotel since his release from prison, and on Wednesday he started arguing with the staff, and, quote, "glasses broke at the bar."  Technically, they don't say O.J. broke the glasses.



Security showed up, and escorted him out.  He went without causing a scene . . . but he's been permanently 86'd from the Cosmopolitan. 



For what it's worth, O.J.'s lawyer admits that he was banned from the hotel, but denies that he did anything wrong.  He says they just decided they didn't want to have him around. 



(Here's a photo of O.J. at the hotel that night.) 


(And here's video of the lawyer explaining his side.)


Originally posted on November 10th, 2017



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