Carson Daly Says His Anxiety Has Made Him Feel Like He's Dying

CARSON DALY shared his struggles with anxiety on Friday's "Today" show in an effort to help others.  He says it's hard to deal with because, quote, "You feel like you're dying . . . [but] of course you're perfectly fine."



 KEVIN LOVE recently started an important conversation about men's mental health in the NBA . . . and now CARSON DALY is sharing his own experiences with anxiety.



On Friday's "Today" show, he said, quote, "Looking back on my life, I was a 'worry-wart' kid.  I was always worrying.  My father died when I was five.  I had an ulcer when I was in high school.  I've been nervous my whole life."



His first panic attack happened when he was a host at MTV, and he had no idea what it was at the time.  He was just "terrified for no apparent reason."  But this IS a very serious thing.  



The attacks have been so bad that he's been hospitalized . . . like Kevin Love.  He said, quote, "You feel like you're dying . . . I'm like, my heart is going to stop, or I'm going to have a heart attack, and of course you're perfectly fine."



He said the anxiety is part of the way he was hard-wired, but there are also great things about his sensitivities. 



Carson is seeing a cognitive therapist for his anxiety, and he says that's really helped him.  (Here's video.)


Originally posted on March 12th, 2018



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