The Top Excuses for Being Late to Work this Morning

Adjusting to Daylight Saving Time can impact people for days.  But if your boss doesn't buy that . . . try something from this list of The Top Excuses for Being Late to Work this Morning.



Even though it was well past midnight, you were really making headway in your Facebook argument on gun control.



You had to park far away because you forgot your counterfeit handicap placard.



Losing that hour meant it took you that much longer to finish "Party of Five" on Netflix.



Hey, YOU try driving drunk!



Your alarm went off and you "Rob Porter'd" the snooze button.



You got delayed by making two stops.  The first stop was for a Taco Bell sausage breakfast burrito . . . and the second shortly thereafter was pulling over to the side of the road to barf.



You had to drop your wife off at her job first.  And the Spearmint Rhino doesn't open until 10.



You forgot that it's NEXT week that your boss is on vacation.



There was an especially gripping "Today" showsegment on zesty low fat vegan fajitas.



You overslept dreaming about having a job where the boss isn't a complete and total moron.



(CAREFUL) You had another dream about Angela Lansbury, so you had to wait for your morning wood to subside.



You had to pull into a gas station and put air in your tires . . . and your inflatable girlfriend.



You're a millennial and you were still upset that no one gave you a trophy for almost being on time yesterday.



Your dog suddenly developed anxiety about you watching him poop.



(CAREFUL) You were involved in a "rear-ender" on the way in.  Not with your car . . . at a hotel with a hooker.



Halfway to the office you realized, "Oops, no pants!"



You finally let go of your New Year's resolution to show up on time.

Originally posted on March 12th, 2018



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