Man Tells Woman He Was Poisoned & Will Die Unless She Has Sex With Him..

 A guy in New Zealand went to a woman's house back in 2015, told her he'd been poisoned, and they'd need to have sex for him to sweat it out.  She actually did it, and kept doing it . . . until she confronted him over the scam and he twisted her arm and pushed her.  His trial is going on now.



 I can't believe this is real, but apparently it's true.  Wow.



There's a 24-year-old guy in Rotorua, New Zealand who went to a woman's house back in September of 2015 and told her he'd been attacked and forced to drink poison.  And the only way he could survive is if he sweat it out.



And he just so happened to get an email from the people who poisoned him saying the woman would have to have SEX with him repeatedly to save him.  She BELIEVED it, and they had sex.



But then the emails kept coming for the next few months, telling her she needed to keep having sex with him or these mysterious people would attack her family.



But she started noticing some strange things about the emails.  One, the emails had lots of spelling mistakes.  Two, they referred to the guy using a nickname that he only used for himself.  And three, he was really the only person benefiting.



When she confronted him in January of 2016, he grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her back, and knocked her over.



She went to the cops, and the guy was arrested and charged with sexual connections induced by threat and assault.  He's on trial now, and he admitted he sent the emails and set up the whole scam. 



(New Zealand Herald)

Originally posted on March 27th, 2018



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