Gretchen Carlson Taking Heat for Axing "Miss America's" Swimsuit Comp.

GRETCHEN CARLSON is getting backlash from "Miss America" pageant leaders over her decision to drop the swimsuit competition, and some are even calling for her to be ousted as chairwoman over it.



 A CIVIL WAR has broken out within the "Miss America" ranks, which is threatening to destroy a VITAL tradition . . . and possibly humanity as a whole.  (At least America is finally waking up to the REAL issues.)  (???)



Last month, new "Miss America" chairwoman GRETCHEN CARLSON eliminated the 'swimsuit competition.'



At the time, pageant-lovers everywhere struggled to process the loss.  But now, the outrage is bubbling to the surface, and Gretchen is facing major backlash.



22 state pageant leaders are trying to oust her because they're worried about the pageant's new, more sensibly dressed direction.



They're arguing that ending the rich tradition of the swimsuit competition is just an overreaction to the #MeToo movement.  And the contestants AREN'T being objectified, because the women worked hard to make their bodies look awesome.



MEGYN KELLY, for one, is PRO swimsuit. 



On her show yesterday, she said, quote, "What's wrong with showing women in bikinis?"  She added that this IS about looks . . . quote, "If you're looking for the smartest woman in America, you should be at MIT, you shouldn't be at Miss America." 



(There's video, here.)




(And here's Gretchen talking about it on yesterday's "Good Morning America".)

Originally posted on July 10th, 2018



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