America's Ten Favorite Burger Toppings . . . and Mayo Got Snubbed

 According to a new survey, America's favorite burger toppings are cheese, lettuce, ketchup, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mustard, bacon, avocado, and a fried egg.  Mayo totally got snubbed.



We had a survey on America's favorite hot dog toppings this week for National Hot Dog Day.  And ketchup was #1.  Now we've got stats on our favorite BURGER toppings.  And ketchup only took third, while mayo got totally snubbed . . .



1.  Cheese.  82% of people said they like it on their burgers.


2.  Lettuce, 77%.


3.  Ketchup, 69%.


4.  Tomatoes, also 69%.


5.  Pickles, 64%.


6.  Onions, 63%.


7.  Mustard, 55%.


8.  Bacon, 51%.


9.  Avocado, 36%.


10.  A fried egg, 12%.  (Yeah, mayonnaise should definitely be on that list somewhere.  And how about thousand island dressing?)



The survey also asked people what their favorite summer foods are, and we're all about the MEATS.  The top five summertime foods are burgers, hot dogs, steak, barbecued chicken, and ribs. 



(National Today)

Originally posted on July 20th, 2018



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