A Guy Calls the Police to Report His Wife Is Snoring Loudly

 A guy in England recently called the police . . . because his wife was SNORING loudly and he didn't know what to do.  They told him that didn't count as an emergency, and he should get her some medical help when she wakes up.



  As far as I'm concerned, if you're desperate to get some sleep but someone's ridiculously loud snoring is keeping you awake, you're damn right that counts as an emergency.



The police in West Midlands, England just released the audio from a call they got recently to 999, which is the British version of 911.



The man called because his wife was SNORING too loudly . . . he said she sounded like a, quote, "motorbike" . . . and he didn't know what to do.



The dispatcher told him that wasn't a police emergency and they should get medical help when his wife wakes up.



And as far as we know, the cops didn't go out to the house, and the guy won't be facing any charges for abusing the emergency system. 




Originally posted on August 10th, 2018



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