The Top Reasons You Love Fall

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Fall officially starts tomorrow.  Hear why that makes you ecstatic with this list of The Top Reasons You Love Fall.



Your Toad from "Mario Kart" costume is more relevant than ever!



You can ignore your family for football three nights a week.



You can say all that candy in your shopping cart is for trick-or-treaters.  It's not.  But you can say it is.



Five months of watching the equivalent of all the jocks who tormented you in high school giving themselves and each other brain damage.



NBC debuted six new shows about first responders in Chicago.



Your mom has to start wearing tops that her nipples don't poke through.



You don't know how to talk to people unless it's about new episodes of "This Is Us".



CR)You live in Buffalo and get to watch Bills games.  Oh sorry, that's a reason you HATE fall.



You enjoy annoying your Facebook friends by posting selfies of yourself in stupid cardigans with the caption, "Sweater weather!"



Your dealer offers a seasonal pumpkin spiced meth.



You can buy candy corn . . . for your enemies.



No need to work out when you can hide your body under bulky sweaters.



It's beginning to look a lot like . . . a Non-Religious-Specific Holiday.



(CAREFUL) It feels better masturbating in mittens.



You can start wearing the same pair of underwear for two straight days again.



Playoff baseball kicks in.  Which means baseball is almost over!



It's great cuddling weather.  (Does not apply to married people.)



Every holiday revolves around eating.



Two words:  McRib returns.

Originally posted on September 21st, 2018



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