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Why Peter Jackson Is To Thank For Upcoming Beatles 'Revolver' Album Remix

Famed sound engineer Giles Martin did not believe any Beatles albums pre-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band could be properly remixed until technological innovations for The Beatles: Get Back made it possible.

Giles, the son of legendary Beatles producer George Martin, explained to Rolling Stone as recently as last year that there simply wasn't much he could do to update Beatles albums recorded to only four tracks.

But that changed with Peter Jackson's exhaustive, Emmy Award-winning documentary, Get Back.

Jackson's WingNut Films production team was faced with so many technical challenges in editing together audio and video from the Let It Be sessions that it developed new audio separation technology to help engineers mix crudely recorded audio across a broad stereo spectrum.

The success of the new tech is why Get Back viewers can discern conversations between the Beatles over both whispers and the clashing of drums and guitar amplifiers.

Giles quickly realized that the "de-mixing" technology that enabled Jackson's film, could also allow him to update the entire Beatles' catalog for new generations.

"There's no one who's getting audio even close as to what Peter Jackson's guys can do," he told Rolling Stone, in an interview surrounding the remix of 1966's Revolver. "The simplest way I can explain it: It's like you giving me a cake, and then me going back to you about an hour later with flour, eggs, sugar — and all the ingredients to that cake haven't got any cake mix left on them."

While Jackson's de-mixing technology is still proprietary, the director was eager to lend a hand to Giles for the purposes of remixing more Beatles classics.

"They won't let anyone else us it — they may do it eventually — but Peter's such a big Beatles fan, he's willing to help out," Giles said. "I quite like that in a way, that the Beatles are still using technologies that no one else is using. It's really groundbreaking."

The remixed version of Revolver is due out October 25 via Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/Ume. Go here to pre-order your copy.

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