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KISS Preparing Announcement For Final Concert Date, Venue

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Longtime KISS manager Doc McGhee says the band's final concert with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will likely be announced within "days."

Speaking to the Kiss superfan podcast, Podcast Rock City, in an episode that was premiered Monday but recorded a few years earlier, McGhee assured fans that 2023 would indeed be the cofounders' final year of touring. The band is finalizing the details of what will be a highly emotional farewell concert.

"It'll be finalized in the next few days, and we'll be making an announcement probably in the next few 10 days," McGhee said.

When host Joe tried to glean whether the final concert would be held in an arena or a stadium, McGhee suggested that it would be an indoor venue, however, "there will be enough shows" for everyone.

McGhee added that while the 'End of the Road' tour has carried on well beyond its initial 2021 end date, the band had a year of shows postponed because of the pandemic. With those shows fulfilled, Kiss can wind down the tour like originally planned.

He noted that Simmons and Stanley are still on good terms and having a great time on the road, now 50 years since the band was founded.

"They love it. They thrive on it," McGhee said of the cofounders.

Stanley acknowledged the critique of the never-ending tour in an interview earlier this month, but added that "the end is in sight."

Kiss's braintrust has considered the idea of continuing the band in the future with an all-new lineup — a la long-running Las Vegas acts like Blue Man Group or Cirque du Soleil — but McGhee says their focus is on the present; they will cross the legacy bridge when they come to it.

"We don't fall for gimmicks, as much as some people would think we're a gimmick," McGhee added. "...We didn't do NFTs ... because we didn't believe in it. We didn't believe that people were gonna get anything out of it. And it wasn't gonna be long-lasting."

Kiss has tour dates in South America and Europe announced through mid-July. The band is expected to announce another run of North American dates.

See all the live dates here.

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